Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art Lessons

I have been home sick for the last few days, so I have spent most of my time sleeping or searching the Internet for cool stuff. This morning, I found the COOLEST of things - the work of Alexandra Valenti. Alexandra Valenti is a photographer and artist. Her images seem almost like vintage snapshots from a trip to the dessert in the late 1960s. Valenti is from Berkley, made her way to New York and now lives in Texas and it is obvious that these locations have influenced her work.

The black and white images and the contrasting bright painted shapes make for such engaging images. They are serious and happy, serene and vibrant at the same time. The images are simple, but the added colors make them so interesting to view. Valenti's images remind me of the gorgeous, laid back attitude of the West Coast. They are one part hippie and one part magical, which makes a lot of sense considering that she has photographed ad campaigns for Free People.

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