Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Five

1. National Princess Week: This week marked National Princess Week - a collaboration between Disney, Target and Julie Andrews that aims to get every girl (young and old) to celebrate the "sparkle and wonder of every princess - real or imagined." From April 22 - 28, Target is celebrating Princess week with special edition toys, books and videos. There are many ways to celebrate National Princess Week - I myself will be participating in Leslie of DisneyBound's Princess challenge. learn about it here. You still have a few days left to participate.

2. DV by Dolce Vita Damala Tassel Loafer:  The shoes are amazing. I wore them this week and got about 50 compliments. A woman on the street even stopped me to take a photo of them and ask where to buy them. I love the different elements of this shoe - the nautical rope pattern, the black white and brown color combo and the tassel on the front. These shoes are not as structured as a traditional loafer and remind me more of ballet flats. When the weather gets warmer, they will go great with shorts and sundresses. Buy them here.

3. DEESIGNS by Dee Ocleppo: Dee Ocleppo, also known as Mrs. Tommy Hilfiger, has designed a very interesting and possibly game changing line of handbags. There are four styles of bags, each of which comes with a removable and reversible cover to give the wearer various styling options. You can change from leather to canvas, floral to plain. I like the Monaco tote bag best. It looks large enough to carry my regular bag contents plus some school stuff. The bags and additional covers are sold exclusively through HSN.

4. No Other Medicine : Last night, I attended the opening party for the F.I.T Art Market graduating class's exhibit, No Other Medicine. I am proud to be part of this F.I.T. graduate program, which is the only one that includes an exhibit practicum, and I was proud to support the graduating class. The class found the space, the artists and picked a theme for the exhibit. In addition, they created a website and catalog, along with any other materials a gallery would produce for a show. The exhibit deals with hope, as well as the problems we are faced with in life and how we deal with them. The show runs through May 19.


5. Smash Journals: Smash journals are made by K&Company and they are amazing! Scrap booking has come a long way. People are not scrapping or journaling on the fly - it has become very rigid and more about perfection than expression. Smash is bringing the expression back to journaling and scrapping. Each journal comes with a pen/glue stick combo that is attached to your journal. There are pages to doodle, draw, write, and glue down your mementos. There are folders to stuff and accessories such as rubber bands, date stamps and top ten lists. I bought the large and travel size and I am so happy with them. Three days and I have already done so much. The pages have colorful graphics that inspire your creativity and give you ideas. See some examples here.  

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