Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Five

1. National Princess Week: This week marked National Princess Week - a collaboration between Disney, Target and Julie Andrews that aims to get every girl (young and old) to celebrate the "sparkle and wonder of every princess - real or imagined." From April 22 - 28, Target is celebrating Princess week with special edition toys, books and videos. There are many ways to celebrate National Princess Week - I myself will be participating in Leslie of DisneyBound's Princess challenge. learn about it here. You still have a few days left to participate.

2. DV by Dolce Vita Damala Tassel Loafer:  The shoes are amazing. I wore them this week and got about 50 compliments. A woman on the street even stopped me to take a photo of them and ask where to buy them. I love the different elements of this shoe - the nautical rope pattern, the black white and brown color combo and the tassel on the front. These shoes are not as structured as a traditional loafer and remind me more of ballet flats. When the weather gets warmer, they will go great with shorts and sundresses. Buy them here.

3. DEESIGNS by Dee Ocleppo: Dee Ocleppo, also known as Mrs. Tommy Hilfiger, has designed a very interesting and possibly game changing line of handbags. There are four styles of bags, each of which comes with a removable and reversible cover to give the wearer various styling options. You can change from leather to canvas, floral to plain. I like the Monaco tote bag best. It looks large enough to carry my regular bag contents plus some school stuff. The bags and additional covers are sold exclusively through HSN.

4. No Other Medicine : Last night, I attended the opening party for the F.I.T Art Market graduating class's exhibit, No Other Medicine. I am proud to be part of this F.I.T. graduate program, which is the only one that includes an exhibit practicum, and I was proud to support the graduating class. The class found the space, the artists and picked a theme for the exhibit. In addition, they created a website and catalog, along with any other materials a gallery would produce for a show. The exhibit deals with hope, as well as the problems we are faced with in life and how we deal with them. The show runs through May 19.


5. Smash Journals: Smash journals are made by K&Company and they are amazing! Scrap booking has come a long way. People are not scrapping or journaling on the fly - it has become very rigid and more about perfection than expression. Smash is bringing the expression back to journaling and scrapping. Each journal comes with a pen/glue stick combo that is attached to your journal. There are pages to doodle, draw, write, and glue down your mementos. There are folders to stuff and accessories such as rubber bands, date stamps and top ten lists. I bought the large and travel size and I am so happy with them. Three days and I have already done so much. The pages have colorful graphics that inspire your creativity and give you ideas. See some examples here.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dark Shadows

Is it May 11th yet? I have been patiently awaiting the opening of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows for several reasons. Tim Burton is probably my all time favorite director. I could be really cliche and say how much I love Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, which I truly do, but Burton has my heart. Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands!!!! Burton has been a huge influence on my photography. He manages to have these muted colors in his scenes and then out of no where the brightest pop of color comes in and changes the entire feeling of the film. It is amazing. Another amazing thing about Tim Burton movies - Johnny Depp! Burton and Depp have a special relationship and that is fine by me because I love watching Mr. Depp on the screen.

Dark Shadows  is based on the 1966 soap opera of the same name, so there is bound to be some campiness and lots of comedy like many of Burton's films. The initial trailers and stills from the movie look like it is set in the same late 60s to early 70s time period as the original. If so, I expect some gorgeous costumes and a more than a few young ladies to take their cue from the adorable Chloe Moretz and channel their inner hippie.

Original Cast of the Dark Shadows television show

2012 cast of Tim Burton's movie version

Even as a centuries old vampire, Johnny Depp is gorgeous

Does Michelle Pfeiffer ever age? She is flawless.

I love the adorable Chloe Moretz and I need to get my hands on a pair of those purple tights.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Current Obsession - Scalloped Shorts

With summer quickly approaching, I have been building up my wardrobe slowly - piece by piece. The one thing I keep coming back to is a pair of scalloped shorts. They are adorable, feminine and so different compared to the styles I usually wear. I have not bought a pair yet, but I am leaning towards the Free People lace ones. I think they would look great with just about any top. There are a lot of affordable pairs (and a few high price point ones) so you should not have a problem finding an adorable pair to wear to all the summer BBQs you will be invited to this year!

Scalloped short - Get them at JCrew

GB Scalloped eyelet shorts - Get them at Dillards

Belted Petal Shorts -Get them at NastyGal

Lucca Couture Scallop Shorts - Get them at Piperlime

Free People Lace Scalloped Short - Get them at Karmaloop

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five

1. Domino Magazine: In 2009, when Domino Magazine stopped publication, I was devastated. I still have every single copy of this stylish shelter magazine, so you can guess how I excited I was when the company announced that they would be publishing a special edition of the magazine called Quick Fixes. The magazine focuses on easy, inexpensive changes that will help to make a big difference in your home. The $11 price tag is a bit hefty for a magazine, but I feel like I have been saving up for it for the last 3 years!

2. Missoni for Converse: This past weekend, Converse and Missioni released their special edition high top sneakers and they do not disappoint. They are available in three colors and retail for $200. While this is not the first collaboration Converse has done with Missioni, it might be my favorite. Last years stripe pattern was bold and bright and limited what you could wear the sneakers with. This years chevron pattern comes in muted tones of pale mint green and white.There is also a navy blue woven pattern. Personally, I think they outdid themselves this year. They seem to go with so much more.  My favorite is the green. I cannot wait to wear them all summer long. You can purchase them here.

3. Andy Warhol for Uniqlo: Since Uniqlo hit New York a few years ago, the Japanese store has been bringing affordable fashion to the masses. The company does a great job of partnering with famous brands to offer cute pieces for both men and women. Currently, Uniqlo offers clothing collaborations from Lulu Guiness, Barbie, Orla Keily, the Museum of Modern Art and Andy Warhol. The Warhol shirts are fantastic. They are exactly what Warhol intended - art for the masses. There are six designs and each shirt is $24.90. Buy them here.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Sunglasses: It is no secret that I am obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff. What can I say, I love everything she makes. Although I have been patiently waiting for the Rebecca Minkoff Baby G watch, I am very excited that her line of sunglasses will be available on April 27 - right in time for summer in New York. I am particularly fond of the Varick style. The dark to light brown fade of the frames will go great on all complexions - tan or not. They are UVA and UVB coated, which is the first thing you should look for when purchasing sunglasses. You can buy them right on the Rebecca Minkoff site.

5. Ciate Caviar Manicure: Nail art is so popular right now. Salons like Valley NYC do the most amazing designs and make each nail look like miniature pieces of art. Ciate Caviar Manicure is nail art in a bottle. The two part system, features pearlescent beads that give your nails a 3-D effect. It comes in black, white or rainbow and is available at Sephora.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Picnic in the Park

The weather in New York has been beautiful for the most part. It felt like Spring long before March came around. So, I have been itching for a picnic in Central park for a long time (I figured I would get some weird looks if I had one any sooner than now). Picnics are a great way to spend little to no money while sharing quality time with friends or your significant others. However, there are plenty of picnic accessories out there that you can purchase to make your day in the park comfortable. Here are some of my favorites:

The essential parts of a picnic are food, drink and sun protection (well, for me anyway). Fruit, dessert, wine and music also help to make your lazy afternoon special. If your boyfriend is leary of going on a picnic, like my husband, bribe him with a great beer and his favorite sandwich. He will enjoy himself once he gets there!

A Little Sumpin' Sumpin Ale


Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday Five (on Monday)

Ok so I am a few days late, but my favorites from last week are too good to pass up. So here's a little bit of Friday on this Monday morning.

1. Momma's Boys of the Bronx: I am a Bronx girl. I cannot imagine growing up anywhere else. I have lived in Morris Park and Arthur Avenue my entire life. My family is from Arthur Avenue - some still living there, so Momma's Boys of the Bronx hits close to home. The show is hilarious. It features five 30-something Italian-American men who still live at home and are taken care of by their mothers. This is not a Jersey Shore type of reality show featuring "guidos" and marathon drinking sessions. This show is about the value of friends and family. There are plenty of comedic moments in the show - the clip of Anthony's mother talking about the girls he brings home even got the WPIX 11 reality clip of the week. So lets support these Momma's Boys of the Bronx and help make the show a huge success.

2. Glee: Glee is finally back from hiatus and it was worth the wait. Hello Matt Bomer!!!!! He's not just a pretty face. Bomer sang two songs with Darren Criss (Blaine) and I was blown away. It could have been that they sang three of my favorite songs: Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know and a mash up of Duran Duran's Rio/Hungry Like the Wolf mash-up. I do love Duran Duran!! The show was great, even without a Rachel solo. I cannot wait to see how the season plays out.

3. Test Tube from New Beauty: Here is a little secret about me - I am obsessed with the mail. I love having packages and magazines waiting for me when I get home from work. Test Tube from New Beauty is my favorite package to get in the mail. Every three months a hot pink box is delivered to my door. In it is the newest issue of New Beauty Magazine and a tube of exclusive beauty products that never disappoints. For $29.95, you get between 6 and 10 deluxe and full size samples of the latest beauty products. The magazine alone costs $9.95! It is a fantastic deal. This box contained a full size Mally shadow stick and a full size Moroccan oil frizz control.

4: Sam Edelman for AE: American Eagle Outfitters has added the fabulous shoe brand Sam Edelman to its "brands we love" section. As a shoe lover, I truly appreciate this. Sam Edelman shoes can cost up to $150 and while I love the brand, the price sometimes poses a problem. The Sam Edelman shoes for AE are affordable and adorable. Platform sandals, espadrilles, ballet flats and gladiator sandals are all part of the collection that ranges in price from $39.95 to $59.95. Currently AE is offering buy one get one for 50% off on most shoes. Check them out here.
Sam Edelman for AEO Gladiator Flats

5:  Holga Filter lens iPhone case: Urban Outfitters is currently selling my new favorite iPhone accessory and I must have it now. My Holga obsession is nothing new. I took more pictures on my Jack White Holga during my trip to California than I did with my dslr.  Now I can have the best of both worlds - holga-style photos from my iPhone. The case features a spinning wheel with 9 filters attached to it. Just spin and shoot. Lenses include colors, heart shape and a 60mm macro lens. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cocktails Anyone?

Jewelry is a great way to make a statement even if you are wearing jeans and a t shirt. While I love necklaces and bracelets, to me, nothing makes as big of an impact as a huge cocktail ring. Going out for drinks with friends? Everyone will notice your cocktail ring as it is wrapped around your glass. There are plenty of options out there for affordable and dazzling styles. In my jewelry box, I have dozens of rings ranging from animals, to precious stones and plastic. Anything goes really. Here are a few current styles I am obsessing over.
Diamond and Mother of Pearl Circle Ring  Buy it here.

Dara Ettinger Amethyst Cluster Ring Buy it here.
High Ball Cocktail Ring Buy it here.

Starburst Cocktail Ring Buy it here.
Color Blocked Cocktail Ring Buy it here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Your Easter Bonnet

Happy Easter to all! Whether you celebrate the holiday by coloring eggs, eating chocolate bunnies, going to mass or wearing your fanciest Easter bonnet, have a wonderful day. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt. Enjoy some iconic Easter images.

Easter Parade starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland - a must see!
 The Resurrection of Jesus by Bernhard Plockhorst

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Craving Color - Coral

One of this season's most popular hues is coral. This vibrant pink with a hint of orange looks great on almost all skin tones, as long as you find the right shade to compliment your complexion. It is a fun alternative to traditional pink and those hard to wear neon shades. Coral is very flirty and feminine and can make any accessory or piece of clothing stand out. Coral also pops up in makeup and nail polish, so there are plenty of ways to add in this fun color.

Clockwise from top row: Aqua Brand Blazer from Bloomingdales, Fire Island Top from Modcloth, 
C.Luce colorblock dress from Piperlime, Collective Concepts Color Blocked miniskirt from Piperlime
Desire Satchel from Rebecca Minoff
Coronado Stamp Long Kimono Wrap by Spun by Subtle Luxury form Piperlime
Cascading Ruffle Dress from The Gap
Julie Melon Leather Wedge from Dolce Vita

Essie Nail Polish in Boat House

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Five

1. Kentucky Wins: The Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA National Championship! You may be wondering why I am so excited about this. Well, in the past 62 years, anytime Kentucky won the championship, the Yankees won the World Series. That is enough to Get me and a few Yankees excited, too; "Maybe it's Andy coming back. Maybe it's that this could be Mo's last year. Maybe it's Kentucky winning the national championship—the last six times Kentucky won, the Yankees did too. There's definitely a lot of optimism this year," Teixeira said. So congratulations and thank you to Kentucky. I am even more excited about the Yankees than before!
I really want to see this again this year!!!!

2. Straw Pom Pom Bag from Modcloth: OK, so I was not supposed to shop seeing as I gave it up for Lent, but this has been a stressful 4 weeks for me and I caved......but look at what I bought! This gorgeous woven tote has everything I want in a summer bag: pom poms, navy and white stripes, a peek of pink, and a sturdy handle. I can imagine all of the fun times I will have with my new bag. I can pack it up full of books and goodies, put it in the front basket of The Sweetness (for those who don't know The Sweetness is my awesome bike) and ride to the park, where I can read in the shade. Get it here

3. Alex Prager Compulsion: Prager is by far my favorite contemporary photography. She mixes editorial and fine art photography in such a fluid way, that I often wonder if her images were made for high fashion magazines or for art galleries. Her new show opened last night in New York, Los Angeles and London and I cannot wait to go see it. I am sure there will be more movie references and more stories to tell in true Prager fashion.

4. Hello Flawless Oxygen Liquid Foundation from Benefit Cosmetics: A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of hosting a Benefit Cosmetics House Party. The goal of the party was to try this amazing new oil-free liquid foundation. I usually do not wear makeup unless there is a wedding to go to, but since this came in to my life, I have been faithfully wearing it. I have received so many compliments on how great my skin looks. It is light weight, natural looking and it has SPF 25!!! I love products with SPF in them. The foundation is also rated PA+++, which means that it has the highest possible level of sun protection. This product transforms my face from dull to fresh. I am in love!

5. The Webster for Target : The look book for Target's new collaboration was released yesterday. Target has paired up with Miami boutique, The Webster, to offer the most adorable preppy and beachy items. Just like the Jason Wu collaboration, I want everything in the look book. I cannot help myself. Just in time for the memorial Day Weekend summer kick off, The Webster for Target will hit stores on May 6. You can view the look book and enter to win a beach bag from the collection at Refinery29.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art Lessons - Rueben Ireland

Ruben Ireland is a British illustrator and graphic designer. He combines digital processing with various mixed media and traditional tools such as watercolor, ink and acrylic to create emotional pieces. His images are dream-like and often startling. They convey ideas of death, solitude, love and loss, but also a sense of inner peace. Ireland frequently uses animals, elements of nature and women in his work. I recently purchased several of his prints and *fingers crossed* I will be getting another for my birthday.
From the Odd Portraits Series
Girl With Finches
*Hint this is the one I want generous blog readers*

Hold On

You can check out Ruben's site here and purchase some amazing prints of his at Society6.