Monday, February 6, 2012

Show Some Love

I love Valentine’s Day. It is one of my favorite holidays (second only to Halloween). How can you not love a holiday where the most popular gift is candy? Not to mention that it holds a special place in my heart - my husband proposed to me in Central Park on Valentine’s Day. So, in honor of this day dedicated to all types of love, I will be presenting you with some awesome gift ideas for Valentines Day.

I purchased the thin one for myself and the thick one for my husband. My bracelet is stamped with his initials and his with mine. I never take this bracelet off. Not only does it remind me of my husband but it is great piled with other bracelets or to wear alone. (These are our bracelets below)

This is the perfect gift for a parent or even a new boyfriend/girlfriend that you don’t want to be too mushy with (just yet). This mug has hand imprints that resemble a hug, and fit your hands when you are holding it.

This collar is perfect for smaller dogs, as it only fits up to a 17 inch neck, but the matching leash is great for dogs of all sizes. The turquoise and red color combination is one of my favorites right now. I think my Frenchie, Lola would love this (ok she probably could not care less, but I will love this enough for the both of us).

Who wouldn’t love to receive this five pound gummy bear? My sister would be thrilled if I gave her this. It is a great gift for your brother or sister, friends or nieces and nephews. There are eleven regular flavors to choose from and one special edition Valentine’s day flavor.
If you know someone who would prefer chocolate over any other candy, the Whitman's Sampler is the way to go.This is always my favorite gift and it works for anyone you want to wish a Happy Valentine's Day!

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