Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! The week is over and some of us even have off on Monday.
Here are my Five favorite things from this week.

1. Jason Wu for Target- fashion magazines and blogs have been drooling over Jason Wu's designs for Target since the look book was released a few months ago. I am proud to brag that I am the happy owner of every single item in the line. I cannot wait to wear the black flared dress with nude belt to my cousins wedding in July. Like previous designer collections for Target, this one sold out almost immediately. 

2. The Super Bowl - the New York Giants Won their fourth Super Bowl title on Sunday and New York threw them an amazing ticket tape parade to celebrate. Madonna's
halftime show was my favorite one in the last six years. She looked amazing, her
dancing was fantastic and she sang "Like a Prayer," which, to me, is the best Madonna song ever.  

3. Glee - I have been In love with Ricky Martin since I was 7 years old. I got to meet him after a taping of Regis Philbin's morning show and that was it for me. I sat on his lap, stared in to his giant brown eyes and was forever a fan. Several years later, on my 13 birthday, Ricky sang Happy Birthday to me during an appearance at the Menudo store in NYC. Needless to say, seeing him on Glee makes me so happy.

4. New York Fashion Week - I cannot wait to see the live webcast of Rebecca Minkoff this afternoon and the looks from Levi's first show. Fall Fashion is my favorite, so I always look forward to see the upcoming seasons look. Watch the Rebecca Minkoff Show here. 

5. California!!- hunny and I will be flying to California first thing this morning.
I cannot wait to be on the west coast.

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