Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plan

Tomorrow morning, hunny and I are going to California. We will be staying in Disneyland and driving to L.A. and San Diego. This is our first time to Southern California and we are thrilled to be going (even though I am suffering with a horrible stomach bug). I cannot wait to visit MOCA and The Getty Center.

As usual, I waited until the last moment to pack and I think I took it a bit too far. My carry-on will not close - it is exploding with film, scarves and Rebecca Minkoff bags.  I think my carry-on bag is the cutest thing on the planet. It is white with blue stars and made by Crewcuts for JCrew. I know it is a kids' bag, but I am perpetually young at heart and in love with all things adorable and starry! I packed two outfits, several undergarments, my cameras and my bags in my carry-on. I am always worried that my bag will get lost and I will wind up my destination with only the wrinkled outfit I wore on the plane.

Hunny and I have travelled a lot in the last few years and I have compiled a list of things I must have with me on the plane.

1. Snacks - I usually carry granola bars and gummi bears because they fit in pockets and are not so messy to eat.

2. Ipod - I have several audio books on my ipod right now and I hope to get through them during the long flights. My brilliant aunt advised by to download the free Kindle app, so now I don't have to carry an actual book, and I have more room in my carry-on for my stuff.

3. Scarf - Great for if the plane is a little chilly, but usually I ball it up and use it as a pillow (that I know is clean because it came from my house).

4. Evian facial spray - helps keep my face moisturized since airplane air is stale and can dry you out.

5. Aquaphor - I wear it on my lips, rub it in to my hands and on the ends of my hair if I am being attacked by static.

Bye Bye New York! See you next week

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