Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Five

We have come to the end of the week once again!!! I am very excited for this weekend, but first my five favorites from this week. 

1. Rose Gold - I have been wearing rose gold for several years now. My husband purchased a monogram pendant for me in 2008 and It is one of my favorite pieces. I added a rose gold and lucite Toy Watch to my collection shortly after, and then a few rings. Now, rose gold is popping up in more than just jewelry and I could not be happier. Rose gold shoes, rose gold bags and rose gold make up - I am in heaven!!! I am currently on the hunt for a nice pair of rose gold flats (which I will not purchase until Lent is over!).
clockwise : Michael Kors Runway watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs Tiny Heart Pendant necklace, Ivanka Trump Pinkish pumps, Halston Heritage Jenny Fold Sequin clutch

2. Linsanity - I am not a New York Knicks fan. My childhood crush on Larry Bird forever cemented me as a Celtics fan. However, my husband is a huge Knicks fan. So much so that during basketball season we frequently argue and make ridiculous bets when the teams play one another. I may not be a Knicks fan, but I love Jeremy Lin's underdog story and so does the rest of America! Lin is great for New York, great for the Knicks and great for basketball. The Lin puns might be getting a little ridiculous but at least they are bringing attention to this guy. Did I mention that he has made the cover of Sports Illustrated two weeks in a row and scored the cover of Time magazine? I thought this video was great.

3. The iPhone Rangefinder - I love phoneography. I think it is a great way to take pictures on the go without lugging around your DSLR and with all the amazing apps for photography, there is so much you can do with your phone's camera. I have even seen photography exhibits with images taken on an iPhone. Some of the best photographs I took on our California vacation were on my iPhone. Naturally, when I saw this I knew I had to have it (after Lent of course).  The iPhone Rangefinder makes your iPhone look like  a classic camera. There is a viewfinder, shutter button, aperture numbers and a mount for a tripod. There is also an option to purchase it magnetic cell phone lenses that turn your phone's camera in to a fisheye lens, a wide angle lens or a telephoto lens. This case is amazing and the vintage look of it just makes it more appealing. With the magnetic lenses this case retails for $99.

4. Central Park Vinylmation - Hunny and I are Disney freaks We love all things Disney, so naturally we started to collect the latest Disney craze - Vinylmations. We have several sets and individual vinyls, but I was so excited when I saw the Central Park one. It is perfect for us. The front of the vinylmation has an image of Bethesda Fountain, which is where we were engaged. I am currently searching for a new place to display this.

5. CM Punk vs. Chris Brown - Like most people, I was disgusted that Chris Brown was asked to perform twice at the Grammy Awards. He is not the type of role model that young men and women need. He has yet to learn from his mistake and it seems like his cockiness and disregard for anyone but himself is growing at a rapid rate. Now, Brown and Rihanna release two new remixes featuring the other. Is this real life? Who thought this was a good idea? What a horrible example this is setting for the very impressionable youth of this country. I am not sure if or why Rihanna is choosing to forgive and forget, but I have a hard time with this. I still cannot get the image of her banged up face out of my head and apparently neither can CM Punk. Punk released a video berating Brown and challenging him to a real fight,  but Brown hid behind his twitter, of course. It would be great if they actually did fight.


  1. Man I want to see that fight. Or just see Chris Brown beat. Also, the iPhone case looks pretty awesome. I have to get a better photo app for mine. ANd I really like your idea for a Friday Five!

    1. Picture show is a pretty cool app. I enjoy it.....seriously I want to be the promoter of that fight!