Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Take A Cue from The Kids

Years ago, when I was a tiny size 0, I did a lot of my shopping in the kids' section of the Gap and Bloomingdale's. While I can no longer fit in the clothes, I still find myself in the kids' section looking for great accessories and cute stuff for my apartment. Luckily, I have small feet and I save a lot of money buying children's shoes and sneakers! Here are some great accessories and housewares taken from the children's section, but adorable enough for any age.

Hold Me Tight Pillow Available at Land Of Nod

My Lucky Four-Leaf Mirror Available at Land of Nod

Crafty Magnet Board from Pottery Barn Kids

Hand Painted Lanterns from Pottery Barn Kids
Canvas Overnight Bag from JCrew Kids
Wandering Star Rolling Suitcase from JCrew Kids
(this is the bag I use as a carry on)
Bead and Stars Bracelet from JCrew Kids

Boho Cinched Purse from 77 Kids for American Eagle

Beach Beaded Cuff Set from 77 Kids for American Eagle

Xhilaration Watch From Target


  1. I seriously bought so much stuff from the children section while in Highschool- I wore a size 16 proud! Haha! Love this post!

  2. i still love cute childish stuffs untilnow
    btw mind to fllw each other?

  3. Sure!!! I would love to follow. Have a great weekend