Monday, January 23, 2012

The Muse

In Greek Mythology, the muses were 9 females who inspired the creation of literature and the arts. They were idyllic, beautiful goddesses who personified the understanding of the arts. 
 Artists, writers, musicians and fashion designers still refer to their muses today. These women help to inspire the designer to create their new line, pose for the artist, and often become the face of the brand. Givenchy had Audrey Hepburn. Richard Avedon had Dovima. Alexander McQueen called Daphne Guiness both his muse and his friend. John Galliano and Kate Moss have both a work and personal relationship. Muses become more than inspirations to the artist and designer. They become an extension of the brand and give the customer/viewer someone to relate and aspire to. 

I don't have a muse. I am inspired by people, places and things, but there is not one specific person that serves as the inspiration for all that I do. I think having a muse might be exciting for a while, but I get bored so easily. I do not know how long it would last. Do you have a muse? What inspires you?

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