Thursday, July 26, 2012

Current Obsession : Chevron

Chevron is everywhere and just like everyone else, I am in complete love with it. Since we are in the process of moving, I will hold off on painting a chevron accent wall, but there are lots of other ways to add this pattern to your home and closet. Chevron is a little bit funk, a little bit traditional and it is because of this that it works so well regardless of your personal style. The pattern comes in virtually any color combination and it is a great way to tie pieces together of varying colors. Here are some of my favorite chevron finds.

Chevron Baby Blanket by ClassyColors

iPhone 4 Case from caseosaurus

Coral Fallon Chevron Rug - available here

Chevron Grosgrain Melia Skirt from Lafayette 148 New York

Chevron Stripe Tank Dress from Old Navy
(it is a maternity dress but no one needs to know)

Chevron Bag with Burlap by madebynanna

Amazing Living Room found here

Chevron Braid found here

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