Thursday, July 5, 2012

Art lessons: Alaya Gadeh

Have you ever had a dream so beautiful that you wish you could permanently capture the images that played in your head?  German photographer, designer and artist Alaya Gadeh seems to have the rare ability to do just that. Alaya’s works are beautiful, imaginative and inspirational. She combines various art techniques  to create images that appear to be dream-like and full of fantasy. While viewing Gadeh's work, I feel almost as if I am seeing a part of myself that I buried deep down. Her work is subtle. She uses bold colors, but frequently mutes the tones with an overlay of texture or pattern. Gadeh incorporates elements from nature in her self portraits. She also creates colorful and intricate mandalas, which often aid in meditation and the process of finding one's true self. Here are some of my favorite works by Gadeh.

Couleur Royale de la Mandala, no. 1

Floral Dream

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