Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Five

This week really seemed to drag on for me, so I am pretty happy to see that the weekend is almost here. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. The weather forecast for New York is no so great, so I will be using this time to Spring clean! Here are my five favorite things for this week:

1. Mega Millions:  I  have lottery fever! With a $540 million jackpot, how can I not? I know the chances for winning are slim with 44 states/jurisdictions playing, but I can dream. I've been dreaming so much about winning that I already spent a chunk of the money before the numbers were even announced. Good luck to all of those who are playing.

2. Fiona Apple's Comeback:  Hands down Fiona Apple is my favorite female singer ever ( sorry Babs). I listened to Tidal  and When The Pawn  so much that my mother begged me to stop listening to "that depressing woman that makes you cry all night." She moves me. I was at Roseland Ballroom the night Apple stormed off stage never to return, leaving me and about 3,000 other fans sad and angry. I did not hate her for it; this only served to make me long for songs even more. Well, my girl is making a comeback  - in a big way. Her New York show sold out so fast and I was sad that I could not get tickets, but she is performing at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York this June. I will be there. There are nothing but positive reviews about the new songs she is playing off her upcoming album, The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do. Yes, that is the title. In true Fiona style, she has entitled another album with an outrageously long name and if it is half as good as When the Pawn (the title was shortened from an eight line poem) I will be one happy fan.

3. The Impossible Project: The Impossible Project is this amazing group of former Polaroid employees who came together after the closing of the last Polaroid factory to create a new instant film for traditional Polaroid cameras. These guys DO NOT DISAPPOINT! Every single edition of film they create excites me. Think that white border on Polaroid images is boring? Try the Gold  Edition set. That's not bright enough for you? Try the limited edition Nigo color shades featuring bright colors like hot pink an turquoise. In addition to Polaroid film, they sell cameras, accessories and books. The New York Impossible Project Space is amazing. Not only do they sell Polaroid related items, but they exhibit some amazing Polaroid photographs.

Impossible by nigo edition PX 70 Color Shade

4. If you are not a member of then you are missing out on a lot! House Party makes it easy for you to have a party in your home by pairing you up with sponsors and providing you with products and goodies that you and your guests get to try and keep. You do not pay for anything. You are not having a party to try to sell a product. You simply enjoy the products that were sent to you. There are several parties to apply for at any given time. You sign up at the site, apply for a party and if you get picked, House Party will send you a party package. Invite your friends over and have a good time. I was picked for a Benefit Cosmetics House Party and it was amazing. Tons of free samples and full size products. It was definitely party worthy!

5. Sephora Pantone Universe: Sephora has paired up with Pantone, the authority on color, to bring makeup lovers the most amazing collection of tangerine makeup, nail polish and accessories. Everything in the collection is colorful and fantastic - even the make up brushes have tangerine bristles! I am personally excited for the nail polish set, which includes four versions of tangerine in cream, shimmer, glitter and matte. They are perfect for the spring and summer.

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