Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Five

Happy Friday Everyone!!! I could not be happier for this weekend to be here. Here are my five favorite things from this week:

1. Andy Pettite back on the Pitcher's Mound: New York Yankee fans were beyond thrilled last week when it was announced that Pettite would return to pitch for one more season. Personally, I heard the news and already imagined another World Series Championship.....yes this is premature but that is how integral I think Andy Pettitte is as a Yankee.

Photo c/o Corey Sipkin - New York Daily News

2. Keith Haring's Journals on Tumblr: In connection with the Brooklyn Museum's Keith Haring exhibit, the Keith Haring foundation has scanned some of his journals from 1971-1989 and they are posting a page a day for the duration of the show on tumblr.  The exhibit entitled, Keith Haring: 1978-1982, is the first large-scale presentation of Haring's early work. The journal pages, some of which are featured in the exhibit, give us a glimpse in to Haring's teenage years, his involvement with the Jesus Movement, and his time at the School of Visual Arts. Check out the journal pages here.
Keith Haring (American, 1958–1990). Untitled, 1982. Sumi ink on paper, 107 x 160 in. (271.8 x 406.4 cm). Collection Keith Haring Foundation. © Keith Haring Foundation

3. iPhone Shutter Release Remote: As I have said before, I am a huge fan of phoneography. The cameras on phones are getting better with each new model and there are so many great apps to edit photos, so taking a great photograph on your phone is entirely possible. The geniuses as Photojojo have brought us yet another product that will make taking photos with an iPhone even easier - the shutter remote. Now you don't have to hold out  your arm to take photos by yourself or with friends. It even controls the video on your phone. Buy it here.

4: Spring is Here: While New York has had an unseasonably warm winter, I am happy that Spring is actually here. I am looking forward to all of the wonderful things that happen during the Spring in New York, like reading a book while sitting on the grass in Sheep's Meadow, dining outside in Little Italy or catching a Yankee game. New York may be famous for its magic during the holidays, but I prefer the magic of New York in the Spring.
photo found on

5: Le Bunny Bleu Shoes: I seriously cannot think of anything cuter than the ballet flats sold by Le Bunny Bleu. The logo is a bunny rabbit! In addition to cute ballet flats, Le Bunny Bleu sells oxfords in gorgeous color combinations, polka dot slip ons, colorful rain boots and flip flops with a gold bunny emblem on them. Styles seem to sell out fast, but that is just a testament to how adorable these shoes are.
Le Bunny Bleu Kassay Flat

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  1. I love the Bunny Flats! I also need that iphone shutter thingie. Cool Friday 5!