Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fashionable Collaborations

Last week I saw a commercial for the 2013 Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited edition. I was sucked in to this commercial. It made me NEED this car, which is odd because I do not know how to drive and we already own or car payment free. I figured out why I needed it, though. In general I am a sucker for John Varvatos. In my opinion, not much smells better than a man in John Varvatos cologne. If  he is wearing a pair of John Varvatos Converse sneakers, well that just makes him even more appealing (yes,  hunny I am talking about you!). However, the real reason this car appealed to me was the collaboration -  Two great companies coming together to offer the consumer a great item. I love collaborations. The idea that I am able to buy one item that represents two companies I like is very appealing. Often times these collaborations bring high end designers to stores that are much more affordable. In the case of Feed for Target and Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop, they benefit an important cause. Retailers, obviously, realize the financial success that a collaboration could bring to them. Here are some of my favorite ones:

J.Crew's In Good Company category features over a dozen collaborations for adults from New Balance, Birkenstock, The Laundress, FACE Stockholm and Thomas Mason, but it is their children's collaborations that are really impressive. They carry diaper bags from Sea Bags, clothing and accessories from Nature Baby and K-Way Claude Klassic jackets. 

Banana Republic has turned out some fantastic collaborations in the last few years. Their 2 Mad Men collections featured such fun, flirty and affordable work and party pieces. Earlier this summer, Banana Republic showcased preppy pieces from Milly (many of which are on sale on the site still!). Their current collection is from Issa, the company who made Kate Middleton's iconic blue engagement dress. It features figure flattering dresses, colorful cardigans, blouses and some great accessories. 

Target is arguably at the head of the class lately when it comes to affordable collaborations. Jason WU, Neiman Marcus, Prabal Gurung and Missoni have all done wildly successful  collections for the mass retailer. Currently, Sam and Libby for Target features the most adorable, fashionable and affordable shoes I have seen all summer. Later this year Phillip Lim will be available in Target stores and I cannot wait. The look book was just released and it is amazing. I will definitely be waiting on line when my local store opens up on September 15 because I NEED that yellow bag. 
Phillip Lim for Target 

I can only hope that this holiday season will bring us some great collaborations once again. Last year's Neiman Marcus for Target and Disney for Barney's blew my mind. Fingers crossed!

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